Matter Prints


The Jacquard Matching Set

$329 USD

Take note of the subtle Amulet motif, it was believed to have the ability to ward off misfortune and injury cast upon by the 'evil eye', guiding the wearers towards having balance. Handloomed in jacquard, the motif moves from sketch to loom through the addition of a hand-punched paper card. It is a rare and laborious craft that calls to great technicality and detail. We’re especially partial to the way the jacquard craft weaves a fabric that is windblown light and soft to touch.

The Mobi Burgundy Matching SetSilk

$348 USD

The unique Mobi print combines clean lines and an organic pattern, referring to the growth and harvest of the cotton bol. The elegant simplicity of this unique repeat print has its origins in the Meghval community, a peace-loving tribe traditionally engaged in the handloom weaving of cotton. It resembles a ripe cotton bol bursting open, and is always represented with three petals. A combination of clean lines in an organic pattern, it calls to mind growth and the season of harvest.

The Bhalka Rust Matching SetOrganic

$228 USD

Worn by nomadic tribes and skilled artisans of iron, this bold repeat pattern derives from a large spear or arrow head motifs. The Bhalka is traditional for the Gadia Lohar, iron workers historically renowned for the fierce defense of their identity and skilled artisans of the bhala spear. Also called the Banjari print, it is still worn today by the nomadic Banjara community in Gujarat.

The IChing Charcoal Matching SetOrganic

$228 USD

The IChing print is a contrast of Fire and Water, two elements that oppose and balance each other. While Fire symbolises careful thought and precaution, Water is a soulful flow that freely transforms into its different states. In its interpretation, one is precise and calculated while the other is carefree and spontaneous. As told in its intended context, the two are siblings; though contrasting in nature, they complement each other in union.

The Indus Arrow Noir Matching Set

$318 USD

The Indus Arrow print is an unwavering hunter’s symbol of courage and heroism. Inspired by Leh, the highland capital of the Himalayan kingdom which was an important confluence of trade routes in the Indus Valley, it is used often to signify bravery and fearlessness in the face of uncertainty.

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