The Reversible Haori + Parva

$149.00 USD

Inspired by the Haori, a traditional Japanese garment, this is our modern reinterpretation of its heritage silhouette. Our Reversible Haori features the geometric Parva print on one side, and a gradient of chilli red on the other. Detailed with a straight-lined silhouette, this roomy overlay makes for a timeless essential. Even better, it comes with generous pockets on both sides - big enough to hold your phone and wallet, yet subtle enough to go unnoticed. We love pairing this jacket with our tops and Sideswept Dhoti for an easy day out.

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  • Paying tribute to its heritage inspiration, this jacket is t-shaped with a straight-lined silhouette and comes with accent sleeves. Fold the lapel in or roll up the sleeves to wear both bold and subtle at once.

    100% medium weight cotton on one side and lightweight cotton silk on the other. Selectively bundled and dyed by hand with azo-free dyes, the threads are then handloomed. Colour and weaving variations may occur, as it is a part of its charm.

  • For best results, dry cleaning only. Most professional dry cleaners use chemicals that are bad for the environment (and you!). We recommend opting for green dry cleaners instead. Keep to ironing, and avoid steaming.

Customer Reviews

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The Reversible Kimono Jacket + Parva

Not very nice.

Too much like japanese waitress jacket. Do not recommend.

Overall quite nice though price a bit too steep

I have found other if not nicer looking kimono like jackets so in a way it is not extremely unique. Like that it is supporting certain artisans but hope it is not just marketing cos it is actually quite an expensive product I must say!

Hey Alice, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review and share your thoughts with us. We strongly believe in being transparent about our values, and we’d love to address the questions you have. To share a bit about the Reversible Kimono Jacket with you — this style is handwoven in ikat, and that process alone takes 65 days from start to finish, not counting the time after needed to sew and construct the garment. Traditional textile technique is a laborious and time-consuming process and this factor along with others (such as the type of cotton used, azo-free dyes we choose, and complexity of the Parva print) determine the fabric cost. We also want to tackle the issue of fair trade and the freedom of choice of our artisans. As such, we believe that paying our artisans fairly means it has to be above the current averages, as what is currently the average has been proven to be unsustainable. With that said, 30% of our cost in the Reversible Kimono Jacket goes directly to the artisans. What we make goes to paying our rent, our expenses, and everyone on our team. All of this contributes to how we price our products. As a company, we make about half of what we sell, not even taking into account costs of design and marketing at HQ. Just to share with you - we’ve also benchmarked this against others in the transparent industry such as Everlane and Grana who mark up at 2-3x and compared against traditional retailers who markup 6-8x times, as we felt that this would be a fair benchmark to determine how to price our product. I truly hope that this helps you understand where we are coming from and the intention of what we believe in. And if you feel that you have any other questions or disagree with anything we’ve said, it would be so helpful for us if you could share it so that we too can understand what you believe in. Matter on.