The Sideswept Dhoti + Chambray Chili

$129.00 USD

Inspired by the multifold drapes of the Indian dhoti, this is an edgier version designed for modern asymmetry. Worn with character, the expressive side slinging pocket and versatile wrap fit are easily styled for a beach day out or evening tipples. Our signature unisex style.

Model wears Matter Size 1. 175cm.

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    • Wrap around the waist or hip for a snug final fit. Elegant and effortless, the gentle folds from the side pocket are balanced with side darts to give a skimming effect. 

      100% light weight cotton. Soft and breathable. Colour and weaving variations may occur, part of the charm of handloomed fabrics.

    • Changes in colour and structure with exposure to natural surroundings, washing or wearing may occur.

      Wash separately in first few washes to prevent colour runs. After that, machine wash with similar colours. For best results, handwash cold or use delicate machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Line dry inside-out. Cool iron inside-out.

    Customer Reviews

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    Worn thrice and discovered a small hole

    I have worn this sideswept dhoti three times since I got it a year ago and discovered a small hole at the seat of the pants - fortunately before wearing it again! I have this in a size 2, which is larger than my usual, and wear it only to the office, so I'm not sure how it managed to develop a hole in the seam. Wishing it was sturdier, especially for the cost.

    Hi Jess. We are so sorry to hear this! Our customer service will reach out to you soon. Matter on.
    A short learning curve to master the look, but a truly unique piece

    It took me a while to take the plunge for this pair of pants, given other reviews that raised issues of the short sash and other design problems. But when they finally arrived after a month at Indonesia's customs, I excitedly put them on and found that all those issues were right; there was a weird crease at the hip across from the pocket; the sash was short on one end and long on the other.

    But here's the thing, as I tried the pants with various tops from my wardrobe, I started to find a groove to tying the sash easily in a comfy, cute knot. The more time I spent wearing the pants and checking them out in the mirror, I realised that the weird crease actually did balance out the oh-so-fun pocket on the other side. All these "design flaws" were really the unique quirks of a lovingly thought out piece.

    That said, I did realise that some seams where the pocket meets the pants were already looking rather wide after just one night of wear. I will be very delicate with washing these and am keeping my fingers crossed that they don't rip.

    Pattern cut is off

    Initially wanted to return my pants but the high cost of shipping changed my mind. Instead I’m having a seamstress fix the odd pattern cut. In example, the hip area on my left hip (opposite of the “pocket”), dips out, creating an odd pointed piece rather than skimming my hip and leg. I suspect it’s because they used the pattern from the pocket side and attempted to “cut around” the pocket rather than drawing a new pattern for the left side. The concept and design of the pant are beautiful but the craftsmanship isn’t great.

    Hey Olga, Thank you for writing and sharing with us about your experience. We're so sorry that The Sideswept Dhoti didn't work out for you. The opposite side of the pocket is actually a key design feature of the classic Dhoti, one that we maintaned so that it balances the large pocket we've introduce in the pants. I would recommend The Side Lunghi, that has a neat fold on one side and a clean straight leg on the other. This pair has a silhoutte of a more classic pair of pants.
    Lovely trousers

    The trousers fit me perfectly, I love the colour and the fabric is super comfortable and exactly what I was looking for; however, the ties are not long enough to tie round to the front so I can only tie at the back or side and the side sling pocket just looks really weird. I ultimately decided to keep them because I like the ethics of the company and to support local artisans but for USD129 they're a pretty expensive purchase that I am going to have to try and make alterations to.

    Hey Susan, thanks for letting us know. The Sideswept Dhoti is actually meant to be tied on the side first and the back second, the front is a method that we discovered much later on. We do know that in some scenarios the tie cannot be done in the front, but aren't able to extend the length of the wraps as they would be too long (and might fall on the ground when you go to the loo)! Here's a video on the different ways to tie the Sideswept Dhoti - I hope it helps :)