We’re big believers in the mantra that great things are done by a series of small things brought together – in our case, every pair of #pantstoseetheworldin that we send out into the world, to your doorstep, is a small ripple of change. It is change in the form of believing in the universally binding value of textile artisanship, appreciating the beauty of handmade prints and weaves, and supporting the livelihoods of rural artisan communities.

Join the tribe of people who wear a different story, and share yours with us.



We design pants for real people on the move, and are always improving our products through feedback and constant iteration. Multiple fittings on multiple people ensure that our styles are versatile, easy to wear and flattering on many a body type, and our regular pants parties are a treasure trove of feedback.

Another thing we do for feedback is invite Fieldtesters to wear the pants – Fieldtesters are inspiring individuals with aligned values and ethos, who are an influencer in their own fields and a citizen of the world at heart. They regularly test our products in their workplace and travels to help us improve durability and design, and we are grateful to share their stories and journey.

If you’d like to Fieldtest our pants, get in touch at

Featured Fieldtester: Johanna Bjork . Read the whole interview on our blog.



Fed up with negative doom-and-gloom prophecies, Johanna started Goodlifer as a way to offer a positive outlook for the future, and curate a place for like-minded people to come together and share great discoveries, thoughts, tips and reflections on a new definition of the Good Life. We talk to her about what the journey has been like so far.


Goodlifer has been around for 6 years now. How has your version of the Good Life changed for you in that time, if at all?

I think my basic idea of the Good Life has remained the same — doing things that make me happy, surrounding myself with great people and beautiful things and spending time in amazing places. What happens for many of us, I think, is that we start appreciating the small things in life more and more as we get older (and wiser). I’ve definitely slowed my pace and become more focused on the things I really enjoy doing, instead of trying to do it all. It’s important to stop and smell those delicious flowers.



Every new artisan partner community we bring on is not just a supplier to us but a member of our community that we would be happy to introduce to you. Just write to us and ask . After all, the world we’re working towards is one where textile artisanship is appreciated, valued and commonplace. In our theory of change, every customer that buys our product is voting for a new system of production that values provenance and artisanship, and every designer that works with us or our artisan partners is a move towards a new, better type of supply chain.


We believe that for artisanship to become sustainable, designers need to be in the picture; these are the ones who’ve been in our picture so far. We chose MATTER as a brand name in large part because we wanted to create a collaborative company, and that’s what’s really exciting for us. We don’t have the vision of being a designer fashion label in the traditional sense, but a collaborative community that creates together towards the common purpose of furthering textile artisanship.

We’ve worked with some wonderful designers with great heart, and are always open to collaborations and experiments together, whether it’s on a new print range or for a completely new product.

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