Make Your Impact Matter

We see ourselves as a socially motivated brand, because we are motivated beyond profit which has traditionally been the singular unit of measurement of a business' success. Driven by purpose and provenance, we want MATTER to be a catalyst for change, to be the foremost artisan-based brand, pioneering industry change and sustainability of rural craft livelihood in Asia.


Factors that affect Production

Artisan employment days are driven by several different factors - the fabric type to technique used, the intricacies of motif designs to the size of the block, and even operational details such as the number of colours used and the size of the fabric required. All of these play a crucial role in determining the impact that each pants creates.


The Lounge Lunghi + Falcon Footprint

This micro ikat print is individually tied and resist dyed before they are weaved together to create the falcon footprint motif.

The Sideswept Dhoti + Mobi Pomegranate

When creating the Mobi print, we challenged our Artisan Partners to create the largest wood block print that they have ever used. 


Value Chain of Making

When we first started, a key mission in determining how we would make an impact is that positive change would only happen if embedded through our day to day business processes. It is our conviction that as the business grows, so should the depth and breadth of our influence, and the impact created should naturally grow with the business and be integral to its core operations.

As such, the value chain of making and who makes it is what we invest in. We thought we would share what the breakdown of cost for The Sideswept Dhoti + Trikora looks like in arriving at the final product.

Curious about the impact you have helped make? Find that favorite pair of #PantsToSeeTheWorldIn and the number of artisan employment days it has created in the following pages.



*Based on 100 pieces per batch not discounting factors such as carving, dying, steaming etc that are not affected by number of pieces in a batch.