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Jamdani - literally meaning "flower-pot" bears its origin in Central Asian culture and was brought to India by the Mughals during their rule. Considered the most artistic and finest of Bengali craftmanship, this is an ancient artisan craft emerging from the patronage of imperial warrants from Mughal emperors. 

Each thread of every motif is hand woven into the finest muslin on the loom. The weaving process is done wherein small shuttles of threads are passed through the weft. Two weavers sit alongside each other at the loom and add every discontinuous supplementary weft motif separately, by hand, interlacing the supplementary weft threads into the warp with fine bamboo sticks in a zigzag manner using individual spools of thread. 

Our new Threads&Hands edition, designed in collaboration with Sonica Sarna.
Available now in three motifs across six elegantly constructed scarves.

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