MATTER is socially motivated business focusing on affordable luxury, thoughtful design and provenance to create travel wear with stories to tell. Our mission is threefold - to foster designer-artisan collaborations, inspire consumers to value provenance and process, and pioneer industry change and sustainability for rural textile communities. 

We are inspired by the kind of travel we love. Story driven, community based, built on direct relationships and commitment to respecting provenance. Founded in 2014, we began simply with the intention to make where and why something is made, and by whom, matter. An idea borne of conversations and late night dreaming between two friends, Yvonne and Ren, became a mission to make connected clothing - pieces carrying handcrafted grace in each thread and cultural heritage in their colours and shapes.  


Our first edition is a series of fun, functional pants using artisan printed and loomed fabric. They are made for freedom of movement and occasion, emphasizing comfort without sacrificing style. Perfect for seeing the world in, and a symbol of empowerment.

We work with a curative philosophy inspired by tradition, sourcing heritage prints and styles and reinterpreting them for the modern nomad. We’ve since expanded beyond this first edition to include other types of travel ware, always with the philosophy of comfort and versatility in mind. 



Founding Family

We start small but dream big. Because of that, we’ve been lucky to find mentors and collaborators from all over the world with the same passions and values.
This is our founding family.

MATTER founding family around the world



MATTER is a social brand under the canopy of Banyan Tree Gallery, a 20 year old community retailer working globally with artisan craft in the areas of basketry, ceramics, lacquerware and other beautiful homeware.